FastBack is now part of TerraCycle!

FastBack Designs makes innovative hydration products and accessories for recumbent bicycles.

A few years ago, we discovered the advantages of recumbents over the conventional upright road bikes we'd enjoyed for years. But we were frustrated by the lack of options for carrying sufficient water for long rides in hot weather. Recumbent cyclists can't wear a hydration pack on their backs; bladder packs must instead be attached to the bike or its seat. We tried strapping traditional backpack-style products on our bikes but they either dragged on the rear tire or the bladder was hard to get in and out. Plus, they looked clunky and out-of-place.
So we decided to develop our own hydration solutions for recumbents, with designs and features we thought others would like, too. FastBack products are created specifically for good recumbent bicycles, and we've had a lot of nice feedback from the people using them.

We enjoy receiving suggestions and comments, both good and bad, because they help us to continue meeting the needs of recumbent cyclists. Our guarantee is simple: 100% satisfaction. If you ever find that one of our products doesn't meet your needs just let us know.